4.8.2018: Uphill roller skis race at Praded mountain. Free race registration for owners of roller skis TOMSKI;-)

Offer for all owners of the roller skis TOMSKI:

If you are interested to participate in the roller ski up-hill race on Praded mountain, please contact us and we will register you in and refund the starting fee!

For those who do not know-is the already traditional race starting at the crossroad Hvezda and leading around Ovcarna to Praded – the highest peak of the Jeseniky mountains.

Each year, the race is attended by our best skiers (e.g. Katerina Smutna, Lukas Bauer, Stanislav Rezac…) and also by a lot of amateurs in age groups racing mainly for pleasure.

The race is organized as part of the Czech series of roller skis races – Efisan Skiroll Classic.

Invitation to Praděd

Link to race webpages, Facebook,  motivational record from the last year mentioned in Czech television and the proposition:

If you have TOMSKI skis and are interested to participate in the race, please send to our email e-shop@tomski.cz your:

Name and surname


Club (team) for which racing (not a requirement)

What type of binding you are using (SNS/NNN).


We will register you in and within the sponsorship of the race for you refund fee:-)


We look forward to seeing you at the race – TOMSKI team

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