The reclamation procedure describes the principles and principles applied in the complaint of defective goods, does not exclude or limit any mandatory statutory rights of the customer or the rights of the customer against the seller.

If, during the warranty period, a warranty defect occurs on the product in particular due to faulty construction, processing or material, the defective product (or part or parts thereof) will be repaired free of charge or replaced by a new device, subject to the following conditions. The consumer also has the right to withdraw from the contract in cases provided for by law.

The claimed product or its advertising part must be complete preferably in its original packaging or otherwise suitably packaged. The warranty provided by the seller does not cover damage caused by elemental events, misuse of the product, normal wear and tear, mechanical damage or improper use, modification, repair or misuse Incompatible with the instructions for use, technical standards or safety regulations in force in the Czech Republic.

The supplier undertakes to execute the complaint at the latest within 30 days from the date of receipt of the claim, including claimed goods.

Complaints must include:
  • Name of the claimed item
  • A specific description of the defect,
  • Claimed product or the part claimed,
  • A copy of the proof of purchase (invoice) or other document confirming the purchase,
  • Warranty Card (for goods to which it is issued),
  • Address where to send the processed complaint and contact to you (phone, email to you).

The goods claimed must be transported to us in any way to our address. Back the repaired product will be shipped to our expense. However, please contact us with a complaint notification before sending.

Address for sending claimed goods:

Koleckove lyze TOMSKI, U Rybnika 5, 795 01, Rymarov

Contact in case of a complaint:


Phone: + 420 603 777 784

The supplier reserves the right to change these terms without giving any reason. The sales contract already concluded is subject to the terms and conditions in force at the time of its conclusion.


Liability for defects

The goods are covered by warranty under the guarantee conditions and deadlines specified in the guarantee sheets of individual products, or the deadlines specified on invoices or delivery notes.

The warranty period begins on the date of acceptance of the subject of performance.

In the event of a defect in the subject of performance that is covered by the guarantee, the buyer may prefer to apply the repair directly to the nearest authorized repair centre for the product in question. If it is not possible to provide a repair in this way, the seller will provide repair.

If it is detected by the buyer upon delivery of the goods, damage to the packaging or goods during transport, we recommend to refuse to take over or prepare a damage record with the shipping company.

Prior to the first use, the buyer is obliged to study the warranty conditions including the Czech operating instructions and to follow this information consistently.

The warranty period for persons who use the product for the purpose of doing business with this product is not established by the Civil Code and is determined by a specific importer or producer.