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Roller skis TOMSKI Team

Roller skis TOMSKI-team photo

We are a group of ski enthusiasts and cross-country skiing from Rýmařov situated in the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains. We would like to like the enthusiastic amateurs and the people who are only interested in the wheel skis start to help and provide the necessary equipment and possibly even good advice.

Roller skis are nowadays a growing modern sport. When driving, you can connect and strengthen the whole body, improve aerobic capacity and get excellent “fat burner of fat” in the right intensity:-)

We like to drive and participate in some races within the Czech Republic as amateurs. And for similar skiing enthusiasts, rides nature or training, our skis are designed mostly.

In our offer you can choose models of carbon-solid and light material of the present or cheaper wood composite, which pleasantly dampens vibrations from low-quality asphalt and at the same time it nicely simulates riding on snow. There are both roller skis for classics (with a back-to-back rebounding ball bearing). As well as roller skis for skate which have larger and narrower wheels for faster driving. We also have several types of binding of the main IUU and CIS systems.

For ambitious skiers there is a choice of more speed (hardness) of wheels.


The TOMSKI team wishes you a lot of happy kilometres on roller skis.